The world of work is demanding smarter and more adaptable professionals. Your ability to compete and thrive is driven by your knowledge, your smarts and your ability to connect the dots and add value to the discussion. The pace of change requires ready access to business news relevant to you and your goals.

This agenda put us on a journey exploring our needs and hopefully yours. We considered a number of issues. How can we best support leaders? How can we give them what they need to learn about their world of work? What are the best resources to provide, what content is necessary, and how it should be delivered?

This ‘product’ did not come at us right away. We needed to discover for ourselves what the alternatives were, how best to build it, how to design and develop a product to serve our subscribers; the informed leaders who strives to learn and grow.

After much iteration, feedback and collaboration, we decided to build a media content library for the 21st century workforce. We designed an organized business news site pulling in the positive content shaping the business world featuring leaders as role models.

The MSL is a personalized resource for everyone who is growing, achieving and staying on top of their game.

Join us on Main Street and gain your competitive advantage easily and enjoyably.