Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Main Street?

Main Street is the avenue of opportunity and the road to success. Main Street stands for our common values and beliefs centered on growth, prosperity and development for people and their communities.

Who is a 'leader'?

Everyone is a leader as leading is an influence process not limited by job role or community standing. Leaders need to be knowledgeable and adaptable to the changing conditions by bringing the outside in and applying a discovery mindset to life in work and at play.

Do you use news feeds or algorithms?

We do not push unfiltered news feeds to our community. We source, review, edit and publish only the business related content that is engaging, rewarding, inspiring and relevant. We apply a ‘high touch’ approach to save you time from ‘searching’ for the quality content that drives performance. A sample of publishers include: The New York Times, CCN/Fortune, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and Strategy & Business.

How do you select content?

We select the highest quality sources to review media and content to determine applicability to a broad range of categories focused on the world of work. Job relevant content providing the knowledge professional with the resources to address their work day challenges. We do not focus on politics, stock market performance, or personnel moves.

How can this be used at work?

The site consists of thousands of resources to apply to critical business initiatives impacting organizational success. News articles, case studies, research reports, rich media (film & TV clips), subject matter expert interviews, thought leader profiles represent a sampling of the resources available. The site provides what you need, wherever you want it.

Can I personalize the site?

Yes, this is your personal site in which you can create your own front page highlighting the content that is most relevant to you and your professional and personal goals.

What are Work Topics?

Content is indexed into Work Topics to provide our community with an initial filter for the content. These groups are primary job families such as Sales, Marketing, and Operations along with Leadership skills, Management skills, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development topics. Each Work Topic is further broken down by additional Work Sub-Topic.

What are Work Sub-Topics?

Work Sub-Topics are the second level below Work Topics and offer our community a way to get more specific resources around primary job roles or responsibilities within a job family or particular area of Leadership or Management practice. There are over 100 categories with more being added

Can I share content?

Our community has access to the social media features located at the original source.

What is the relationship with publishers?

Our focus is to link our community back to the original source. We value content originators and want our community to link back to the primary source.

Can I use it on any device?

The site is available on any device include desktop, laptop, and mobile device including tablets and phones. Our experience is the tablet provides the best mobile experience for consuming news resources.

How do I get started?

Come join our community and become more knowledgeable, resourceful and adaptable.